Environmentally friendly green building materials


Global warming has accelerated in recently years and is impacting on the human living environment. Hence, Environmental Protection will be a top priority issue for mankind to choose the building materials in our surroundings.


PVC corrugated sheets have four advantages for the Environment:

1.     The core layer is isolated closed cell foam to have good heat insulation effect. This could reduce the usage of electric fans and air conditioners indoor.


2.     PVC corrugated sheets have good sound insulation. Even on rainy day, the raindrops noisy sound will not influent people indoor activity or at rest. Its soundproof quality can reduce raindrops Decibel volume and no need to use other soundproof roofing materials.


3.     Same components as ordinary household gray water pipe. No Formaldehyde, Plasticizer, Asbestos or VOC volatile organic substances. No Volatile toxic substances will explore to the air after assembly. Customers can install and use trustfully.


4.     Thermoplastic and recyclable materials, balance mankind and the natural environment interdependently and coexistent, make a contribution to the global warming.



Our PVC corrugated sheets were made by three layer co-extruded one time integral production, each layer is designated according to the materials specialty:    


Surface materials: Weather durable PVC resin adding Antioxidant and UV

resistance ingredient to assure products durability and chemical resistance.       


Middle core materials: Weather durable PVC individual closed cell foam

material to apply good heat insulation and preservation,

soundproof effect and reduce energy consumption.




















Standard Size:

Width 830mm

(Cover Width after assembly 750mm)


Stock Length 12 Meters or up; custom design length by orders.

Standard Thickness:


Regular Color:

Silver White




Various building materials for Rooftop additions, industrial plants, steel factories, warehouses, agricultural & horticultural greenhouses, insulation passageway, carport, canopy, and harbor wharf etc., especially for corrosive chemical plating, ceramic, soy sauce, fertilizers, dyeing and large scale acid or alkali producing factories.



Compared with other roofing materials, PVC foam corrugated sheets have following advantages:


win winPVC corrugated sheets    vs.   Color steel & galvanization steel sheets


Waterproof, anti-corrosion, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, soundproof and heat insulation


win win

PVC corrugated sheets    vs.   Asbestos corrugated sheets


Asbestos-free, harmless to humans or animals, tough and not easy to rattle, light-weight materials


win win

PVC corrugated sheets    vs.   Fiberglass corrugated sheets


Does not cause skin allergies, good toughness, not easy to rattle, flameproof


win win

PVC corrugated sheets    vs.   Regular plastic corrugated sheets


Cost Effective, unique intermediate foam layer for better heat and sound insulation




Our PVC Corrugated Sheet design is same as traditional five grooves coated steel corrugated sheet. This makes installation more easily and friendly.

When installing, please follow the traditional coated steel corrugated sheet,

customers could place C Type steels or supporting racks in every 600mm intervals to avoid cave-in. Always stand on C steels or racks while installing and wear safety cords to prevent slipping.



PVC Corrugated Sheets Features:

1.     Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Able to withstand acid, salt or alkali chemicals for a long period of time, very suitable for frequent acid rain running areas, corrosive chemical exposure factories and coastal residential areas. PVC corrugated sheet has approved CNS4447 the Resistance of Chemical Reagents regulation.


2.     Excellent Weather Resistance

All surface and the intermediate layers are weather durable materials, using same components as PVC plastic-steel doors & windows. By adding antioxidants & UV absorbers ensure its durability, ageing resistance and non-deformation. Product application life is longer and better than traditional coated steel corrugated sheets.    


3.     Good Flameproof Quality

Excellent flameproof materials, self-extinguishing when encountered fire, excellent noncombustible feature. Qualified to U.S.A UL94 V-0 Vertical Burning and CNS7614 Flammability Class 1.


4.     Good Insulation

Its unique closed-cell foam core design contributes to a low thermal conductivity, which leads an excellent heat insulation effect.  Actual testing thickness 5mm PVC corrugated sheets, the Coefficient of Effective Thermal Conductivity data is 0.288W/m.k, compared with the traditional coated steel sheet data 7.428W/m.k, PVC corrugated sheets have slow heating and radiating conductivity and better thermal insulation effect. 


5.     Excellent Soundproof Effect

Practically install the PVC corrugated sheets proved that even in heavy rain storms or inclement weather; it could effectively separate outward noise. Insulate sound 60% better than traditional color steel sheets.


6.     Strong Loading Capacity

PVC corrugated sheets has excellent loading capacity. No cracks or damage happen even in high latitude areas that experience long snowy cold climates.


7.     Waterproof, mildew proof and antibacterial

With its non-water-absorbent plastic feature, PVC corrugated sheet is non-rusty and corrosion resistant. Traditional coated steel sheet is easily corrosion after several years of use, which leads screws stripped thread and roof leaking problem.


PVC corrugated sheet has test data less than 1% of Whole Water Absorption and Moisture Content, also qualified to SGS ASTM G21 anti-fungus & anti-bacterial.


8.     High Impact Strength

PVC Corrugated Sheet has passed CNS12093 Impact Test. By dropping a 5KGS object from a height of 1.2 meters, and no fractures or damage happen after the object falling to the sheet.


9.     Excellent Electrical Insulation

PVC Corrugated Sheet is electrical insulation, even on thunder & lightning weather or wires skin damage situation, the sheets will not be conductive. Particularly in thunderstorm frequently occurring areas, PVC corrugated sheets offer a much safer living environment compare with the metal corrugated sheets.


10.    Green Environmentally Friendly Materials

PVC corrugated sheets are user-friendly materials. No formaldehyde, plasticizers, asbestos or TVOC. Absolutely recyclable, fit in with green environmental protection issue.



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